Andrew James: What is the cookware brand?

Andrew James: What is the cookware brand?

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Andrew James is a brand of European style cookware, kitchenware electricals and homeware. Over the past decade, they have received positive reviews and awards for many of their home appliances.

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Founded in 2005, two cousins were on the hunt to find a tabletop grill they had seen used in Europe. They found the Raclette Grill was not available in the UK and found an opportunity to import. Placing an initial order of 3000 grills overseas, they quickly sold out and began expanding the product range.

Over the years, they managed to create a catalogue of over 600 unique home and kitchen related products. These were sold on their own website along with Amazon and eBay worldwide including Europe and Asia.

Is Andrew James a good brand?

The success of the brand has led them to be known as a household name, with over 12,000 reviews on Trustpilot and a 4.5 out of 5-star rating – you can see why.

Fortunately, some of their products you can still find today including; halogen ovens, ice cream makers, stand mixers, dehydrators, and coffee machines.

Who is Andrew James?

Really, it is not a person but a brand named after two people: Andrew Tomlinson and James Buckle. They are cousins born Durham, in the North East Of England.

At the age of 17 years old, Andrew remembers sitting in his bedsit, “with no money in the electric meter, and eating a cold tin of spaghetti”. This was a defining moment for him to be a success.

Andrew and James had initially started work from their garages at home, using any spare space in their attics or bedrooms to store products to sell. Fast forward to 2014, they had a turnover of £17.4 million, over 100 staff, and a huge industrial warehouse.

Regardless of their success, they always stayed down to earth and gave back to their respective local communities.

What happened to Andrew James UK Ltd?

The company, sadly, went into administration on 18th October 2019 and are no longer trading. With debts of over £1,000,000, all assets, stock, and trademarks were put up for sale.

This can be seen by going to their official website. Moreover, not only has their website been shut down, their Amazon and eBay accounts have also been removed.

This does not mean Andrew James products cannot still be purchased. They are still widely available on marketplace websites.

Where can I buy Andrew James products?

Currently, their products are still being sold on Amazon and eBay. However, the 2-year guarantee warranty is no longer valid due to the collapse of the original company.

Furthermore, there is a chance the brand may continue. The trademark was purchased by another company, which could mean they are hoping to continue importing the products from the suppliers.

This would be fantastic news for fans of the award-winning brand. This company that now owns the trademark can be found here selling their products, and are your best hope for a continued supply, like this similar pancake maker.

Andrew James Halogen Oven 12L 1400W
Andrew James Halogen Oven 12L 1400W

Where can I buy their Halogen Ovens?

Even though the company went into administration months ago, over 1000 people are still searching for “Andrew James Halogen Ovens” in Google every month. It’s easy to see why they have amazing benefits you can read about here.

A quick google search brings up vague results, Amazon would seem the best bet, but recently we find them out of stock.

The most optimum place to find Halogen Ovens is eBay. Not only does this marketplace have both new and used products, but also, there is a large selection of online sellers looking to sell the bankrupt stock.

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