The Best Audio Visual Rental Company In Dubai

Audio Visual DubaiPutting on an event in Dubai is a big task, but from experience, it’s always a lifelong memory that never leaves you. Our most recent venture to this stunning city in the UAE was for a close friend’s wedding ceremony.

Now, what the husband lacked in fashion sense, he certainly made up for in his choice for the ceremony. At the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, this “palace”, was decorated from head to toe with flowers and white drapes leading you to the staging area.

This staging area was a cross between a concert and a disco scene from “Saturday Night Fever”. There were projectors, led lighting, a huge sound system located around the grounds and an amazing LED screen showing memories and images of the family.

It was a fabulous occasion, and the following morning we caught up with the owner of A7 Events, an audio visual company rental company in Dubai.

Our rating of the service.

Mr Laungani, the provider of the AV system for the event, was a great event provider. Sitting over a coffee after the clean up of all the AV equipment, the husband and I had a fascinating talk with him.

From quotation of the event to the finish, A7 had been in contact with the venue and wedding organisers to ensure the day would go as swiftly as planned. The setting up of the trussing to hold the lights and sound equipment was completed in a timely manner, so the caterers and tables could be laid out on time.

Additionally, Mr L explained how he had set up the speakers to rent, and the trussing to maximise the space for the 400 or so guests. The lighting was designed to be ambient over the guests but was perfectly set to the tempo of the music that was crisp and clear. Where most audio visual companies would set up and leave, A7 was there at all times to ensure the day’s atmosphere was kept at the romantic, yet fun, feel the happy couple wished to capture.

Would I hire them for my event?

It’s a strong resounding yes, A7 had more than enough knowledge to handle this wedding ceremony – and on further talks with Mr L he showed us other bigger events he had supplied for. A7 had supplied AV system to some of the biggest centres in the UAE including:

  • Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City,
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai,
  • InterContinental Dubai Marina,
  • Habtoor Palace Dubai, LXR Hotels & Resorts.

Should I be in Dubai again for a wedding, conference or promotions event, I would hire this Audio Visual company every time.