Top Rated Kitchen Fitters In Norwich

LCH Carpentry are fast becoming one of the ‘go to’ companies for kitchen fitters in Norwich, providing expert kitchen installations and carpentry services.

Offering a service and quality of finish that is second to none, its easy to see why the reviews and recommendations are flooding in.. all 5star at that.

Based in a small town just on the outskirts of Norwich, LCH are able to serve its customers in Norwich and it’s surrounding areas.

Some of the services LCH offer and specialise in;

• Kitchen fitting
• Wooden flooring
• Stairs and platforms
• Door hanging
• Skirting boards
• Partition walls
• General carpentry services

Norwich Kitchen Fitters, Offering Unbeatable Deals

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen and haven’t settled on a design yet, but would need some help deciding on colours and materials, LCH Carpentry will be happy to chat with you to and guide you in the right direction. They’ve made quite a name for themselves as Norwich’s top kitchen installers, so you will be. In good hands.

Their kitchen design and installation service significantly outperforms many of the larger multinational kitchen providers and will save you a significant amount of money.

With over 19 years in the industry, they have successfully installed countless kitchens of all shapes, sizes, materials, and configurations, from flatpack kits to complete custom creations.

They have experience installing kitchens of varying sizes, and their rates are lower than those offered by large stores like BandQ, Wickes, Howdens, Jewsons, and even some of the more locally owned, small businesses.

With the help of LCH Carpentry, you can have the kitchen of your dreams designed and fitted at a price that accommodates your budget.

They have firmly earned a place for themselves on the Best Rated site.

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about Kitting Fitting, that LCH Carpentry often get asked;

Which kitchen layout is best?
The “kitchen triangle” has been used to organise kitchen space since the 1940s. It’s based on the sink, fridge, and cooker, three key work areas. These should be arranged in a triangle so you can quickly navigate from one to the other . Contemporary kitchen design incorporates the concept of “zoning,” which divides the kitchen into areas for coffee preparation, meal preparation, and other tasks.

How do I pick a kitchen installer?

  • Consider experience just as important as credentials.
  • Feel comfortable talking to them.
  • Get estimates that contain every detail.
  • Set a payment plan.
  • Verify their building code knowledge.
  • Ensure post-installation follow-ups.

What’s the typical kitchen installation process?

1. Find your new kitchen & layout design
2. Existing Kitchen Removal
3. Ensure that the walls of your kitchen are prepared.
4. Kitchen Lighting and Ceiling work
5. Gas and electricity installation in the kitchen
6. Kitchen flooring selection and installation
7. Installation of the new Kitchen
8. Final gas and kitchen electrical work
9. Installing wall tiles, kitchen backsplashes, and finishing trimmings
10. Final painting and cosmetic finishing

Kitchen installation time?
A new kitchen installation normally takes between one and four weeks.
However, this largely depends on the required amount of work. If the same layout and equipment location are kept, it could take a week to replace an existing kitchen.

Should kitchen flooring be finished first?
This is up to you. The best answer is to lay the floor first, but you’re more likely to damage it when assembling the kitchen.
It would be a good job to tile first. Sealing the floor will make cleaning easier and reduce dust, even though it’s not on display. It protects the subfloor from leakage.

Can a Kitchen Fitter install electrics and gas?
Since most kitchen fitters are carpenters or joiners (and some have part-p credentials), they can sometimes do electrical work. If they lack the electrical and gas qualifications for kitchen installation, they will employ a plumber, gas engineer, and electrician. Your kitchen fitter will work with them and other traders as needed.