Sometimes, A Blue Coffee Machine Is Just The Ticket

Not everyone is after the standard looking kitchen equipment in their house and luckily for those people, a whole range of stylish coloured coffee machines are now available.

The colour of your coffee machine in years gone by was probably not that important, i mean, in a way who cares right, as long as that machine makes us a beautiful cup of coffee then thats the objective surely?

Wrong! Not today in todays market, for the colour options to choose from are just incredible, we found that blue was a colour that was highly sort after.

Having done our research we decided to seek out what we felt were among the very best options of blue coffee machines available online and provide you good people a comprehensive list of our findings.

So you’re here to find a blue coffee machine, we have plenty to choose from below which have been hand selected from around the web. Maybe you want to add something new to your kitchen or find a replacement for the white coffee machine you already have.

One thing is for sure: blue coffee machines are a very specific colour requirement, and after looking around, we found that there aren’t that many of them on the market compared to your standard white and black offerings.


When choosing a coffee machine, I think most people will play it safe and choose from grey, black, creme, or white. This is because these colours tend to go with most kitchen designs and in many ways are timeless.

A blue coffee machine will no doubt stand out and is a statement piece of kitchenware and is likely to get people’s attention and start a conversation.

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