Who Doesn’t Like The Idea Of making Your Own Barista Style Coffee??

Well we love the idea.. and these coffee making marvels will get you just that, a ‘posh coffee’ from a ‘bean to cup coffee machine‘ but in the comfort of your home.

We’ve seen a surge in popularity with coffee machine ownership recently and with the ever increasing variety of styles and types now available, there is certainly a coffee maker out there to suit every coffee lover.

Take a look at the following video which explains the different kinds of coffee machines available;

If you’re on the market for new or replacement coffee machine, here are some useful terms to use while searching.

Coffee Machine FAQ’s

What three types of espresso machines are there?

The three primary types of pump-driven machines available today are semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic. There are variants within each, such as different types of pumps, different numbers of boilers, and computer-aided programming.

How are automatic and manual coffee machines different?

You can manage how much water is used overall in the shot output using a manual machine, just like you can with a semi-automatic espresso maker. Automatic machines do as well, but once they are programmed, they always utilise the same quantity unless they are changed.

Do automatic coffee makers produce quality coffee?

Although super automatics produce excellent espresso, there is still a considerable bit of maintenance required. Coffee brewing is a messy procedure and  despite their best efforts, these machines can’t completely eliminate this,  only cover it up briefly.

Tamping: What does it mean?

Once coffee has been added to the porta filter handle, it must be tamped down, which means it must be equally compressed. Various techniques are employed, but they all call for a tamper, which is a handle with a base the same size as the handle on your porta filter.

What exactly is a Porta Filter Handle?

You place the ground coffee in this handle and lock it into the coffee maker. The porta filter handle itself, the porta filter basket, and a spout or spouts are only a few of the handle’s components. There are typically three different handle types: single, double, and naked.