All About De’Longhi Coffee Machines

De’Longhi coffee machines produce the perfect flavour. You’ll feel like you’re in a café from your couch. Who knows more about great coffee than the Italians? Brad Pitt endorses De’Longhi appliances in one of their current campaigns (you may have seen them). De’Longhi is the only company to offer bean-to-cup, espresso, and filter coffee machines. De’Longhi brews coffee to your liking.

A Bit Of Company History

This 1902-founded company leads the residential coffee machine market. It started as a modest workshop in Treviso, Italy, making industrial parts. Over time, the family business focused more on household and culinary goods, but their coffee machines made it famous worldwide. How did De’Longhi acquire the trust of millions of coffee enthusiasts worldwide and become a leader in modern coffee machines?

Italy’s customs The De’Longhi family started this Italian enterprise around the turn of the 20th century, and their descendants run it now. The famous espresso recipe was created in Italy, hence Italians have had a huge impact on coffee culture. Italian coffee machines are naturally associated with superb espresso and other drinks.

Some Great Coffee Making Tips

Take a look at the following video for some great tips to make great coffee with a DeLonghi Coffee Machine;

As coffee culture grows, people want more than a button-press coffee, they want to control the brewing process, enjoy the coffee ritual, and make drinks as nice as in a café.

Domestic espresso machines aren’t a new thing but De’Longhi espresso machines let you create barista-style masterpieces every day and different espresso machines are available:
Drinks galore. Depending on the model, you can have ristretto, espresso, americano, long coffee, cappuccino, and the fashionable flat white. Some models are also capable of supplying you with a cup of hot chocolate or a drink of cold coffee. Tea fans can try different temperatures based on their favourite tea.

High-quality milk system. De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee equipment can make milk foam. Some have steam wands for frothing milk, while others have the LatteCrema automatic milk system with an integrated milk container. Automatically rinsed milk cartons can be stored in the fridge. Another unique feature of the LatteCrema milk system is the ability to customise milk foam. You can make it less or more dense, or choose warm, unfrothed milk. Choose almond, soy, coconut, or oat milk instead of cow’s milk.

If you’re searching for your ideal DeLonghi coffee machine, here are a few popular terms other coffee lovers are using.