De'Longhi Magnifica Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

The De’Longhi Magnifica

The Delonghi ESAM4200 Magnifica machine has been a top pick practically since its beginnings. Additionally, there are the ESAM4000.B and the ESAM2800 to take into account, all of which are essentially the same machine but have varying pricing. The letters at the end are typically used to specify the colour of the machine; if you see the ESAM4200 referred to as the ESAM4200.S, it means it is silver; if you see the ESM4000.B, it is black. Nonetheless, more on this later!

Then there is De’Longhi’s Magnifica Evo ECAM290.22.B, Fully Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine which is modern and compact.

The Magnifica Evo has a backlit, coloured control panel. The Magnifica Evo has 4 pre-set recipes so you can easily select and enjoy espresso, coffee, doppio+ with a simple touch. One-touch hot water lets you make longer drinks like americano.

A Great First Coffee Machine

Magnifica machines are often entry level and (in principle) for individuals on a tighter budget. However, because the prices of the machines fluctuate independently of one another, you may find that the Eletta machines (coming soon!) are cheaper than one, many, or all of the Magnifica versions. Remember that nothing about the features changes, only the price.

The Milk Side Of The Process

While Magnifica machines are frequently marketed as Cappuccino makers (along with other coffees that need milk), it’s crucial to highlight that the process is manual. You get a steam wand to froth milk in a jug; the Magnifica will not do it for you.

How It Stacks In Comparison

Magnifica’s entry-level machines are sturdy, well-built, but lack any feedback in the way of LCD or larger screen displays. They also have chunky controls. Instead, a light will illuminate when it is time to run cleaning cycles, such as descaling your Magnifica coffee machine. If you’re not adept at learning how to use technology, that may be reason enough to spend a little extra on a higher-spec system.

Here is a short review video of the Magnifica S;