Musso: Who is the Italian Ice Cream Maker?

Musso: Who is the Italian Ice Cream Maker?

Musso is an Italian brand of ice cream maker machines, built for both commercial and home uses.

Pierro Musso sought out to solve a problem, building his first small machine due to the needs of family-run restaurants wanting to make small amounts of Italian gelato. At the time in the 1960s, only huge expensive machines were available – which most businesses just could not afford.

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Consequently, it was a mega-hit in his local area of Lombardy, meaning he could quit his job as a refrigerator engineer. His full attention and efforts then turned to developing this compact technology even further.

Over the decades, his range went from small ice cream makers to much larger machines for restaurants and caterers – keeping the Italian quality of craftsmanship.

Musso Ice Cream MakerFast forward to the present day, Musso’s work is still in production whilst making advances in technology and practicality.

Musso Club Zara Ice Cream Maker

Musso Club Zara Ice Cream Maker

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Why choose Musso Ice Cream Makers?

Since it’s early development, these ice cream makers have been built to past to the test of time. There are several problems Musso address in their products. They expect their products to be:

  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use
  • Hard-wearing
  • Built from high-quality materials
  • Produce the perfect paddle speed (for that lovely gelato texture)
  • In keeping with the sleek Italian design we all love.

For more than five decades, they have designed, built and tested each and every ice cream maker in their lab. And it’s not just the build quality of the product they care about – they also test the process of making the perfect ice cream.

It’s safe to say, even their smaller home machines are built with the same robust and technological advancements as their larger commercial machines.

Furthermore, they have a huge range of models to ensure it’s fit for setting you will use it in, meaning professional tasting ice cream can be made by anyone.

Lello 4080 Musso Lussino (Mini)

If you are looking to make professional Italian style ice cream at home, I cannot think of a more suitable product.

The small size, 2-litre large bowl, smooth operating steel paddles make it ideal for any size kitchen. And yet, the impressive refrigeration of the unit is of a commercial performance – without the need for pre-cooling.

Let’s not forget the stunning modern design and attractive stainless steel finish – Bello!

Musso Pola Stella 5030

The bigger brother, this one can be used both at home and commercially. Twice the ingredient capacity of the Lussino, 3-litre bowl size and increase in price means this is for the avid home user, a small Café or restaurant.

Notably, this features all the same professional robust build quality and simple operation as the Lello 4080, but on a grander scale.

Measuring 31x51x35 cm, just make sure your kitchen counter can fit this masterpiece.

Musso Club Zara

This one is strictly for commercial use, being the largest of the range. With, a 2.5-litre ingredient capacity, a huge 6-litre bowl size, and a price tag that ensures profit for the business user. This means, the Club Zara is a fine choice for the bigger producer.

Again, the same powerful refrigeration system and practical build elements we’ve seen from the smaller units. Just 45cm wide and under 1m tall, it’s really practical to fit into those tight kitchen corners.

The Stella 5030 is half the price which really means the decision to buy is based on production. Regardless, it’s a machine that’s been popular in Italy for many years – that should be good enough for the UK.