Sergey Kovalenko is a contemporary Ukrainian artist who is known for Soviet Ukrainian paintings of landscape, snow scene, still life and in particular colour flower studies and figurative work.

What do we know about Sergey Kovalenko?

Sergei (Sergey) Kovalenko Paintings - Ukranian Artist
Sergei (Sergey) Kovalenko Paintings – Ukranian Artist

Little is known about the Ukrainian artist, especially when you try and search for him and his paintings online, although his reputation within the art world is known worldwide. He is perhaps equivalent of UK Royal Acadamission.

Sergey Kovalenko was born in 1980 in Konotop. Ukraine, USSR. We know that he studied in 2006 and has graduated from State Pedagogical University, Graphic department.

In 2011 Sergey graduated in the Kharkov Academy of Arts and Design, he did so with the highest grade and then he began teaching within the academy painting department.

In 2010, his diploma work was regarded as the best painting within the academy. The painting which achieved so much acclamation is now displayed int he main hall of the academy painting department (shown above) which is a superb example of multifigured genre painting.

The artist Sergei (Sergey) Kovalenko paintings are becoming very popular worldwide

Sergey has become known as a master of plein air sketches. His bold and beautiful paintings of such areas of Carpatia and Crimea have gained attention with his use of light brushwork and thick impasto, in an astonishing composition.

Sergey is one of the youngest and encouraging teachers in the Kharkov academy of arts and design.

Famous Ukrainian master Viktor Chause taught at the academy when he was a student which has now earnt Sergey an assistant teacher within the studio. He studied in the studio of the People’s Artist, Victor Chaus, an honour reserved for exceptional students.

Kovalenko’s paintings are in most commonly found in private collections in various countries across the world including Ukraine, Russia, Croatia and the United States.

Sergei (Sergey) recently participated in the group exhibition (The Russians Return) in Charlotte, North Carolina, Elder Art.

David Baxter has the largest UK collection of Sergey Kovalenko’s work

David Baxter is a UK artist who is also a keen collector of fine art. He has acquired in the region of 30 paintings from Kovalenko’s