List of Tree Surgeons in Norwich

Norwich, the historic city nestled in the heart of Norfolk, boasts a vibrant landscape adorned with lush greenery and majestic trees.

These natural wonders not only enhance the beauty of the city but also play a vital role in providing ecological balance and numerous benefits to the community.

To preserve and care for these green giants, the expertise of tree surgeons in Norwich becomes indispensable. In this article, we delve into the essential role of tree surgeons, their services, and the significant impact they have on the well-being of Norwich’s urban forest.

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The Role of Tree Surgeons in Norwich

Tree surgeons, also known as arborists, are highly trained professionals who specialise in the cultivation, maintenance, and management of trees. Their expertise extends far beyond simple pruning and tree removal; they possess an in-depth understanding of tree biology, diseases, and the complexities of urban forestry. Tree surgeons in Norwich are passionate about the well-being of trees and take on the responsibility of safeguarding them for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

Services Offered by Tree Surgeons in Norwich

Tree Pruning and Trimming: Regular pruning is vital for the health and aesthetics of trees. Tree surgeons carefully remove dead, damaged, or overgrown branches, promoting healthier growth and reducing potential hazards.

Tree Removal: In some instances, a tree may need to be removed due to disease, damage, or to prevent safety hazards. Tree surgeons in Norwich execute tree removals with precision and safety, using specialised equipment to ensure the process is carried out efficiently and without causing harm to surrounding property.

Tree Planting and Transplantation: Tree surgeons play a crucial role in expanding Norwich’s green canopy by planting new trees in suitable locations. They also undertake tree transplantation, carefully moving mature trees to new sites to preserve their beauty and benefits.

Disease Diagnosis and Treatment: Trees can fall victim to various diseases and pests, affecting their health and stability. Tree surgeons in Norwich are skilled at diagnosing such issues and implementing effective treatments to nurse trees back to health.

Emergency Tree Services: Storms and severe weather can wreak havoc on trees, leading to hazardous situations. Tree surgeons in Norwich are available for emergency tree services, promptly responding to fallen trees or limbs to clear roads, restore power lines, and ensure public safety.

The Impact on Norwich’s Tree Surgeons

Air Quality Improvement: Trees act as natural air purifiers, absorbing harmful pollutants and releasing oxygen, contributing to cleaner and healthier air for the community.

Temperature Regulation: The shade provided by trees helps regulate temperatures, reducing the urban heat island effect and enhancing the comfort of the city’s inhabitants.

Erosion Prevention: Tree roots help stabilize the soil, preventing erosion and safeguarding against landslides in hilly areas.

Biodiversity Support: Norwich’s urban forest provides habitat and sustenance for various wildlife, promoting biodiversity in the city.

Choosing the Right Tree Surgeon in Norwich

When selecting a tree surgeon in Norwich, it’s crucial to consider the following factors:

Experience and Qualifications: Opt for tree surgeons with ample experience and relevant qualifications, ensuring they possess the knowledge and expertise needed for proper tree care.

Insurance and Safety Measures: Confirm that the tree surgeon in Norwich is fully insured and prioritises safety during their operations.

Customer Reviews: Check for positive customer reviews and testimonials, reflecting the tree surgeon’s reputation and commitment to quality service.

Eco-Friendly Practices: Choose tree surgeons in Norwich who embrace eco-friendly practices and sustainable approaches to tree care.

Tree surgeons in Norwich play an integral role in nurturing and preserving the natural beauty of the city’s urban forest. With their expertise and passion for trees, they ensure the well-being of these green giants for the enjoyment of current and future generations. By offering a comprehensive range of services and upholding the highest standards in tree care, these skilled professionals enhance the ecological balance and contribute to the charm of the historical city of Norwich.

Contractor Contact Name Address and Email Contact
A M Ground Maintenance Trevor Marsham 45 Laundry Lane, Thorpe St Andrew, 01603 469949
Norwich, Norfolk, NT7 0XG 07876 500367
Amitola Ltd Mark Havens Stag Farm, School Road, Bedingham 01508 482534
Green, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 2DB 07879 645794
Anglian Tree Works Ross Keynejad 1 The Croft, Swanton Novers, Fakenham, 01263 502549
Norfolk, NR24 2QU 07539 341166
Crown Tree Services James Basey- Old Forge Barn, Hemblington Road, 07456 258213
Fisher Strumpshaw, Norwich, Norfolk, NR13
David Gillett Tree Services David Gillett The Homestead, 14 Booton Road, 01603 871774
Cawston, Norwich, Norfolk, NR10 4AH 07980 911845
Golden Tree Services Sandra Wood/ The Herbary, Middle Road, Shouldham 01366 321253
Edward Benton Thorpe, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE33 0EE 07575 248821
Hardy Landscape Will Hardy Bears Farm, High Road, Badingham, 01728 638343
Management Ltd* Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 8LY 07538 134113
John O’Connor (Grounds Maintenance) Ltd Chris Smith 2 Great North Road, Welwyn, 01438 717175
Hertfordshire, AL6 0PL 07958 599804
Languard Limited A Marlow Packs Hill Farm, Station Road, Husbands 01858 880898
Bosworth, Lutterworth, Leicestershire,
LE17 6JN
M J Tree Services Ltd Martin Platton Rose Farm, Mill Road, Banningham, 01263 734661
Norwich, Norfolk, NR11 7DT 07775 510420
Moore Treecare Darrell Moore 75 Gordon Avenue, Thorpe St Andrew, 01603 433812
Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 0DP 07962 063664
Norfolk Trees* Ashley Barnes Morland, 2 Pound Cottages, Pound Lane, 01362 637857
North Tuddenham, Dereham, Norfolk, 07775 734941
NR20 3DA
Norse Commercial Services Limited James Howard 280 Fifers Lane, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 01603 894333
6EQ 07785 380928
Norwich City Services Ltd Gary Mutten 22 Hurricane Way, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 01603 987932
6EY 07835 424795
Oakleaf Tree Surgery Simon Gerrard Selfs Carr, Stonebridge Road, Witton 01692 650910
Bridge, North Walsham, Norfolk, NR28 07920 067617
Oliver Husar Tree Services Oliver Husar 9 Stonefield Road, Baconsthorpe, Holt, 01263 577679
Norfolk, NR25 6LP 07825 214234
Plantscape Tree Services Ltd Rupert Ellingham Church Nursery, Rectory Road, East 01603 765765
Carleton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 8HT 07722 339668
Ravencroft Tree Services Richard 6 Reepham Road, Foulsham, Dereham, 01362 684291
Ravencroft Norfolk, NR20 5SL 07721 032322
Target Trees Ian Flatters 79 Stalham Road, Hoveton, Norwich, 01603 916154
Norfolk, NR12 8EF 07900 281324/ 07770 916953
The CGM Group Stephen Rapin Reed House, Karoo Close, Bexwell 01366 388738
Industrial Estate, Downham Market, 07384 796012
Norfolk, PE38 9GA
The Norfolk Olive Tree Company Paul Smith 105 Bowthorpe Road, Norwich, Norfolk, 07894 074963
Tree Work and Surveys Ltd Dan Yeomans Foreman’s Cottage, Summerfield, 01485 517000
Docking, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE31 8PH 07799 533462
Urban Forestry Andy Clarke The Old Sawmill, Ingham, Bury St 01284 729091
Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 1NS 07748 788221 (for quotes)
Wild Tree Care Matthew Wild 21 Wood Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 01508 505066
3RD 07774 312678